Civilian programme

Box superstructures


The superstructure is designed for transporting cargo in refrigeration mode (internal temperature + 12 °C to 0 °C). It is built according to individual requirements and it is possible to mount it on all brands of chassis.


Standard superstructure make – a glued panel construction with inner and outer aluminium (laminate, steel) surface of white shade.


The trailer is designed for the installation of technological equipment, a power centre for powering mobile workshops without requirements for electromagnetic compatibility. SSSK-P does not provide collective protection against the effects of toxic and radioactive substances. It is used as a towed element for SSSK on a TATRA chassis. The trailers can be operated in climatic zones A1, B2 and C1 according to STANAG 2895 (-30 °C to + 52 °C). The storage and transport temperature range for SSSK-P is from -33 °C to + 71 °C.


LVOME - this light medical aid vehicle is designed for the provision of emergency medical care and evacuation services for injured and sick persons, accompanied by a medical crew. The vehicle allows the transport of:

  • 8 injured persons
  •  2 lying and 4 sitting sick persons
  •  medical staff on a seat

The design of the carrier allows easy loading of a stretcher with a lying patient, which is performed by the operator standing on the ground behind the vehicle, and its secure attachment during transport.

Servicing of tanker vehicles

  •  repairs of the tanker vehicles and semi-trailers Hendricks, Goša, Kässbohrer, Schwarzmüller, VSS, Magyar, Haller for fuel transport

  •  repairs of tanker vehicles and semi-trailers for the transport of chemical and food products

  •  repairs of all types of tanks made of steel, aluminium alloy or stainless steel

  •  pressure and functional tests of tanks

  • repairs of SAF, Fruehauf, BPW, BSS and RABA axles

  •  ABS WABCO repairs

  • installation and repair of electrical installations in Ex design

  •  repairs of air and hydraulic systems

  •  repairs of brake systems

  •  repairs of pumping and measuring devices

  • authorized verification of measuring groups

  •  installation of electronic temperature compensation on various types of measuring instruments

  • preparations for VTS, VTS according to the ADR

Tank containers

  • production, reconstruction and servicing of civil and military tank containers in accordance with the ADR

  •  pressurization of tank containers

  •  vehicle repairs and their preparation for VTS

  •  delivery and installation of accessories and spare parts related to the technology of filling of oil transport vehicles

  • repairs of storage and tank flow meters

Repairs and inspections of tanker vehicle flow meters

  • Repairs and maintenance of flow meters of all kinds, filters, monoblocs, pumps and separators

  • Verification of all type-approved flow meters in authorized testing laboratories

  • Arrangement and setting of flow meters

Flow meters

  • delivery and installation of ADAST, HAAR and HEFA measuring group

  • delivery and installation of HAAR, ADAST and BENNET monoblocs and pumps

  • delivery and installation of HAAR, HEFA filters and separators

  •  delivery and installation of electronic fuel temperature compensation on HEFA, HAAR, SMITH, SENNING and SATAM flow meters

  • delivery and installation of ADAST dispensers

  • repairs and maintenance of all types of flow meters, filters, monoblocs, pumps and separators

  • preparation for verification of all type-approved flow meters at an authorized testing laboratory

  • sequencing and setting of flow meters