Modernization of vehicles for armed forces


The armoured tracked infantry fighting vehicle has been designed to transport infantry troops to the battlefiels and to provide direct fire support, including engagement against enemy armoured vehicles. According to the customer's requirements, we can add within the vehicle - optics, tower replacement, FVZ, fire protection system, battery extension, cameras, additional armor.


SCARAB is modernized version of well known and still widely used T-72 medium battle tank. SCARAB is designed for contemporary and assymetric conflicts and also missions against enemy equipped with portable anti-tank weapons such as RPGs and TOWs. Its enhanced crew protection, engine output and observation systems offer wider operational capabilities and longer life cycle.

BM-21 MU

The BM-21 MU is a mobile platform for the 40-round high explosive fragmentation artillery system providing concentrated fire support to the troops over large target areas covering ranges depending on the type of used shell.