New vehicles


The Aligator Master II is a 4x4 wheeled armored vehicle with a maximum permissible weight of 12,000 kg and an excellent payload of 3,130 kg. The roof of the vehicle is able to structurally withstand the installation of a weapon system (or other superstructure) up to a weight of 500 kg.


The armoured tactical vehicle featuring high maneuverability is intended for deployment with Rapid Reaction Forces to carry out reconnaissance and patrol duties, especially during asymmetric missions, and further serving as a carrier platform for light motorized units.

AM-50 EX

The AM-50 EX bridge layer vehicle is designed to overcome concave terrain obstacles, dry and wet. This way provides the necessary maneuverability to military units, featuring a MLC 50 class load-carrying capacity. Each vehicle is fitted with a single bridge section of 13.5 m length which is installed in a few minutes, allowing another vehicle to append a new one.

AM-70 EX

The AM-70 EX Bridge Laying Vehicle is a new mobile vehicle-launched bridge designed to provide the necessary maneuverability to military units by fast deployment over dry or water gaps, featuring above all the MLC 70 class high load-carrying capacity. Thanks to the ability to interconnect individual bridge sections, the AM-70 EX offers an insuperable flexibility and a maximum width of spanned gap. The AM-70 EX is a successor to the well-known successful AM-50 EX and conceptually also to the formerly produced and proven AM-50 and AM-50 B vehicles still in use with many armed forces worldwide. The new scissor type 4-girder light construction of the M-70 EX bridge is also fully compatible with older bridge generations. Equipped with a full bridge deck and curbs the AM-70 EX bridge may also be applied in civil recovery (rescue) operations or building industry and forestry.


The 152 mm DANA vz. 77 self-propelled gun howitzer has gone through a major modernization presenting the most recent DANA M2 system featuring high speed in taking up and leaving the firing position, greater accuracy and excellent hard terrain crossability. The DANA M2 howitzer is equipped with a powerul Onboard Control System which contains subsystems of diagnostics, navigation, automatic gun aiming, autonomous calculation of shooting elements and ammunition selection subsystem.


The 155 mm SPGH DITA up-to-date artillery weapon with automatic guiding and an automatized loading cycle that is capable of effective and quick support to ground forces.
The DITA howitzer meets NATO ammunition requirements. It is characterized by a range of up to 39.5 km with 155 mm BB shells, high accuracy and speed of fire, quick preparation for firing, and excellent mobility.
Its advantage also lies in the ballistic protection of the crew and protection against the effects of NBC.
Our company produces the DITA howitzer in cooperation with the company ZTS – ŠPECIÁL, a.s.


The RM-70 VAMPIRE 4D 8x8 is a mobile platform for the 40-round high explosive fragmentation artillery system providing concentrated fire support to the troops covering large target areas at ranges depending on the type of used shell.


The TMVA DECON-17 EX decontamination vehicle is designed to perform the entire decontamination of vehicles, people, armament and gear, incl. oversized equipment, decontamination of terrain, aircrafts, buildings and various objects thanks to the use of high-reach operator platform.